Sep. 17th, 2017

Sad stuff

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:09 pm
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I checked in on the elderfolk today. My grandmother is doing very poorly. She broke her hip several months ago, and although they were able to put the joint back together, she is bedridden and in a great deal of pain. She has become depressed and is done with life. I can tell this is weighing on my dad. And it's weighing on me, too, because she was a kind lady when I met her last year and I hate to hear that she is suffering like that.

Also, they have apparently taken my parent's next door neighbor to live at a nursing home. She was in her early 70s and was always a bit of a crackpot and a hoarder, but apparently she had totally gone off the deep end recently. She had been spending eight hours a day at the local pizza place complaining to anyone within earshot that none of her kids wanted to visit (like I said, her house is packed with boxes and junk). Her husband died probably 20 years ago. I don't know what's going to happen to the house, because it's such a mess.


In lighter news, my dad was surprised to hear that Paul McCartney was still touring at his age (obviously, dad doesn't follow music closely). I found a few clips from recent concerts on YouTube to show him.

And mom wasn't in nagging mode like she was last weekend. We cooked a bunch of chicken, and she gave me some to take home.


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