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•I have to hand it to the Brazilians for creating the Rodizio (or Brazilian Barbecue). If you've never been to one, you sit at your table in the restaurant, and servers go from table to table with skewers of various cuts of grilled meat. If you want that particular cut of meat, the server will slice off a piece for you. And they don't stop bringing you meat until you say you're done. Greatest. Thing. Evar.

I ended up doing this twice in one month, for two separate bachelor parties.

•Looks like I will be flying out to California in August to see my brother who moved out there last year. I'll be in the LA area for a week. What do I need to do and see while I'm down there?

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Dopey question: how many times does the same store have to close down before it dies for good?

The Kmart in Linden, NJ is being liquidated for the third time in probably five or six years. First they closed the Kmart and liquidated all of their merchandise. They converted it to a Sears Essentials (same parent company), and refilled the store with essentially the same merchandise.

Then they closed down the Sears Essentials last year and again liquidated everything. They reopened the store as a Kmart, again selling pretty much the same merchandise.

Now they are closing the Kmart for good, I think.

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•Make sure I have enough food and water to make it through the next few days, along with two bottles of water in the freezer - check.

•Checked on parents, made sure they are ready. They weren't doing the freezer bottle thing, so I remedied that. Dad was checking his emergency generator, making sure it was in running order - check.

•Helped an old friend with foot problems tie down and secure things around his yard; also made sure he was doing the freezer bottle thing and rectified that - check.

I'm ready for this Frankenstorm. Bring it!

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I've had a smart phone for a few weeks now. I like the phone, but it's not like my life changed or anything. It's just a more convenient way to do what I was already doing anyway.

On a side note, it shouldn't have taken me this long to realize that there is an LJ app.

(Edit: The first dopey thing about this app that I noticed that I don't like is that it automatically tags the post with "LJ app." the second is that the post has a blurb at the bottom of it that I can't get rid of, telling everybody that I posted via iPhone app. First-world problems.)

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