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I really should make a habit of posting more regularly.

Two weekends ago I made a trip out to my friends B and M, out in Reading, PA. M is Indian, and since my job is in a town with a large Indian community, I told him that there were a bunch of stores in the area with Indian produce. He texted me a shopping list of a whole bunch of fruits and veggies that he can't get where he is. I ended up buying $30 worth of vegetables that I've never seen before and a big chunk of jackfruit for him and his sister's family. I was the only white person in the store, which was kind of amusing.

That Sunday was Jersey Pride, in Asbury Park, NJ, with one of my friends. It was overcast, although I did start feeling the effects of the sun after a while. Unfortunately, there is no place to get out of the sun in Asbury Park. Fortunately I didn't get sunburned, even though I wasn't wearing sunscreen.

This past weekend, dad decided that he needed a new iPad because his old one has been wonky ever since he got the screen replaced. And mom was curious about jackfruit, after seeing a picture of the piece I bought for M. So I bought another chunk of jackfruit and brought it to my parents, and went with dad to get a replacement iPad.

What I didn't do was clean my apartment. My brother and his wife (I have to get used to saying "wife" now) are flying here from Los Angeles on Friday, and, well, my apartment is a mess. I guess I'm not inviting them up here, because I'm not going to have time to clean it before then.


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