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In the days after a snowstorm, I like crushing little leftover bits of snow that the plows didn't quite get near the sides of the road with the wheels of my car.


The building where my new job is had a little lunch counter, where I could get a nice salad for $6. Then the guy running the lunch counter closed it because he opened his own restaurant, and it's taking a while for the next guy to get his permits taken care of. So I'm trying to be good and watch my diet, but so far this week lunch has been Chinese food and pizza. Hopefully the new guy reopens the lunch counter soon.

I left work a little early because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, and got stuck in horrible traffic on the way there. I called in to the office and asked if I should still come in or reschedule (I would have been about 15 minutes late for the appointment). The lady at the counter checked with the doctor, and said to reschedule. Oh well. Next time I'll have to give myself more time to get there. At least they said they would refill my pills if I needed them.

My brother and his soon-to-be wife will be flying back to NJ in June, so I'm giving myself until then to whip my apartment into some semblance of cleanliness. I keep putting it off, and this kind of gives me a reason to actually get it done.

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